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Quoting Wedding Invitations

Quoting Wedding Invitations

Find out everything you need to know to get started with your wedding invitations.

Number of invitations

The first thing you have to know is how many wedding invitations you need to order. Don't forget the number of invitations is not the same as the number of guests to your wedding.

If you want to make an estimate number without counting couples and group of families, one by one, I recommend using the industry standard: Divide the number of guests in half and add an extra 25% to the number of invitations.

 # of Invitations = # of guests / 2 + 25%

If you are going to make a precise list to determine the number of invitations, consider ordering an extra 10% to your final order, plus 10% of extra envelopes for your calligrapher.

It is more affordable to print extras than re-printing. Plus, there are so many things you need to do to prepare your wedding that there is usually no time to re-print even if your are on schedule!

Choosing the printing method

Understanding the printing methods and selecting the ones that best fits your style is important. To help you out, I wrote an article with our most liked printing methods and some budget considerations in the Blog "Top Printing Methods".

If you still don't have a clue on how to select the printing method that best suits your wedding invitations, we recommend to make a moodboard on Pinterest with your most liked wedding suits and your dream wedding pictures before making the appointment to quote your invitations, and I will help you out.

Envelope size and shape

A wedding envelope deserves a lot of attention. It adds a special touch to your wedding suits, and delivers the first impression of your wedding style to your guests. 

Choosing the size and shape of your envelopes is a must to quote your invitations. I personally love large wedding invitations and envelopes, but I am aware this choice is very personal, the client usually knows the size and shape they'd like to choose for their wedding invitations. 

In this bloq I will guide you with some of our standard sizes of envelopes and shapes. 

 Rectangular shape Square shape

20 x 15 cm (V-end flap)
22 x 17,5 cm (semiround flap)
24 x 17 cm (semiround flap)

    17,5 x 17,5 cm (semiround flap)
    19,5 x 19,5 cm (semiround flap)
    22,5 x 22,5 cm  (V-end flap)

      Tip: sketch these sizes with a ruler at home to have an exact idea of your preferred size when quoting your invitations.

      Envelope liners

      The second step is to choose between white envelopes, color envelopes and lined envelopes. Lined envelopes are the ultimate add-on for fine wedding invitations, it will depend on the style of your suite weather to choose between a plain liner or an illustrated liner.

      (foto 1)

      (foto 2)

      Wedding suite extras

      Don't forget to quote your wedding suite extras like: welcome cocktail invitations, wedding lists, RSVP, menus, place-cards and table numbers to ensure all your stationery has a cohesive look.

      And most importantly, enjoy the process in creating one of the most important events in your lifetime !!